Cancellation/Refund Policy

You may cancel your course purchase at any time up to 30 days from initial purchase. Any cancellations made after 30 days of service will not qualify for a refund. Refunds are only available for the following exceptions, and only if 3 or fewer modules have been completed.

1. You accidentally paid using the wrong credit card. (must repurchase with correct card first)
2. Individual who purchased course has died and family requests refund.

(Many people find it easier to email us a scan of a death certificate rather than call. If you would like to email the certificate, no call is needed. You can email us at If you would like to mail us a certificate, please find the correct mailing address here on our official site.)

3. Someone underage purchased course and parents/guardian requests refund.

This is an excerpt for your convenience. To review our full policy please see our terms and services page.