Beginner - Level 1

Level 1 Introductory SFG Course: Learn How To Square Foot Garden

Everything you need to get started with Square Foot Gardening

With this proven method, you can grow 100% of your produce with 20% of the water required by traditional row gardening with just 5% of the work!

The course will teach you:

  • How the Square Foot Gardening method works with raised bed gardening
  • Unique ideas for resource conservation
  • How to build a SFG box and grid
  • How to create Mel’s Mix™ (your growing medium that requires NO fertilizer)
  • New ways to plant, maintain, and harvest your own food

Take A Peek Inside Our Course!

Course Features

The “Level 1 Introductory SFG Course” features a presentation filled with step-by-step instructions, engaging video clips, educational images, and inspiring examples of real life Square Foot Gardens. You’ll also have access to 9 valuable downloads to print out — no more lugging a heavy book out to your garden to follow the directions! Simply print your handout and take it with you as a handy reference while gardening or  while shopping for supplies.

Our aim is to make your Square Foot Gardening experience as successful, fun, and easy as possible! If you’re a beginning gardener, or want to learn a more efficient way to grow your own food, this is the course for you. 

The Level 1 Introductory SFG Course is also a prerequisite for the Level 2 Intermediate Certified Instructor Course.

Level 2 Intermediate Certified Instructor Course – Become a Certified Instructor

Level 2 Intermediate Certified Instructor Course is now available! When completed, it will allow you to wear the “Certified Instructor” badge of honor and to teach your community the Square Foot Gardening method with support from the Square Foot Gardening Foundation. 

Certified Instructors receive business cards, hats, marketing materials, presentation creation materials, ongoing learning opportunities, and more. 

Requirements to become a CI

There are a few requirements you must meet and agree to before you purchase this course:

  • You will need to build a Square Foot Garden and upload photos of your Square Foot Garden on the Certified Instructor application form to demonstrate your ability to create an official SFG according to the standard method using the box, grid, Mel’s Mix™, and correct plant spacing.
  • You must read a copy of either the 2nd or 3rd edition Square Foot Gardening book to pass the module quizzes.
  • Pass quizzes for both Levels 1 and 2 (you can take as many times as you need)

Once you have fulfilled these requirements (congratulations!), you’ll be granted your Certified Instructor Certification and will have access to valuable free handouts, business cards, an official CI hat and badge, and checklists to help you become a successful Certified Instructor.