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No Thirsty Plants

The Garden Grid™ surrounds all plants at ground level with gentle water streams.


Garden Grids™ ship in pre-assembled sections! No tools needed. Just connect & grow.

Made in USA

Garden Grid™ is manufactured and patented in USA.

Worried about watering 💧?
Want the convenience of full-coverage watering & a grid in one?
Try a Garden In Minutes® Garden Grid™ watering system!

Plant Your Garden and Grow Cash!

Buy your garden seeds from Renee’s Garden Seeds  with code: FRT93 and 20% of the order value will be donated to The Square Foot Gardening Foundation

Here’s how it works: Simply go to and choose from the wide selection of seeds for heirloom and gourmet vegetables, cottage garden flowers and culinary herbs, special seed collections and great kitchen garden cookbooks.

At check out, just enter the code FRT93 in the coupon code box on the checkout page, and that’s it! Renee’s Garden will send your organization a year-end check for 20% of all orders that use this fundraising code.

Save on Seeds!